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Dutch language
& Culture Education

The Dutch School Silicon Valley (DSSV) has provided the link with the Dutch and Flemish education system for students in the greater San Francisco area for more than 20 years. We offer qualitative Dutch primary and secondary education that, in addition to linguistic skills, emphasizes Dutch and Flemish culture as well as personal development.


The DSSV falls under the Dutch Inspectorate for Education and is part of the Foundation for Dutch Education Worldwide (Stichting NOB).


Why the Dutch School Silicon Valley?

Accredited Dutch Language & Culture Education

We are the only school for Dutch language and culture education in Northern California accredited by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. We are held to the highest quality requirements and are tested and accredited by the Dutch Inspectorate for Education through audit visits. This recognition is necessary in order to transfer student performance into the Dutch or Flemish education system upon return to The Netherlands or Belgium or when applying for a university.

Our classes fall outside American day school hours. 


Make new friends in class or at summer camp

Because we believe that children learn best and enjoy learning most in a physical classroom with a fun teacher, we teach at four locations in the Bay area:

Berkeley, Palo Alto, San Francisco and San Jose.

For students who prefer online classes, we offer a hybrid program with lively online classes and physical return days in a comprehensive digital learning environment.


Participate in Cultural Events of the Low Countries

Cultural events have always been one of the core activities of our school. We offer:

Saint Nicholas: every year the Sint visits our students in a joyful gathering.

Children's Book Week: discover, meet Dutch children's book authors and ask questions!

Skating:  not an Elfstedentocht, but an event that cannot be missed.

King's Day: in collaboration with the Dutch Consulate we organize traditional Dutch children's games.

Theme Event: each school year we offer an event around a preset theme.


Classroom and Online/Hybrid Lessons:

At four school locations in the San Francisco Bay Area


With the same teaching methods as in the Netherlands and Belgium


Supported by our library, summer camp and tutoring




Would you like to know more about the Dutch School Silicon Valley?

Contact us for more information.

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