School contribution


The Dutch School Silicon Valley is a 501 (3) non-profit school (foundation) and is dependent on parent participation, donations, school contributions and subsidies. The tuition is monthly and is set annually. There is a one-time charge of USD 100 for registering new families.

To pay the tuition fees, the DSSV offers various autopay options. ACH Autopay, Credit Card and PayPal. If you intend to use private and/or tutoring lessons please choose ACH Autopay.


Cancellation policy


School contributions are cancelled 30 days after notifying the treasurer via email. Students can continue their education during the cancelation period.

Automatic bank debit (ACH Autopay)

Most parents use our automatic bank debit facility known as ACH in the United States. After passing on your routing number and bank account number to the treasurer and the direct debits will automatically take place via This facility also makes it possible to automatically pay variable tuition fees such as private lessons and tutoring.

To setup ACH Autopay please fill out the ACH request form using the "I prefer ACH Autopay" button.

Credit Card / PayPal

In addition to ACH, the school also has a Credit Card facility to contribute. This option is less flexible and costs 2.2% more because of the additional payment costs that have to be incurred. This option is less suitable for variable tuition fees such as private tuition and tutoring. For new families, a separate invoice is sent for the registration fee. Additional and private lessons are billed separately monthly and are paid manually.

If you want to use Credit Card / PayPal, choose the package below that suits you.