Now also remote education


For students where the distance is too great to physically participate in our classroom. The intake and placement processes are the same. Parents can indicate at the intake whether they want to enjoy small online classes or private lessons.


Dutch-language primary education ONLINE


For families who cannot participate in the classroom lessons, we have been offering the Remote Learning Program since 2020.


Although the school has 4 locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is not always practically possible for families to enroll their children at the Dutch School.


The Dutch School has now developed a program that meets this requirement and is available to everyone. The lesson approach, learning objectives and registrations are synchronized with the classroom lessons. You can read more about this here


Families can choose between two learning programs:


Small online groups

In this program the students are placed in small groups of their level. In addition to the language and culture, this gives the students the opportunity to collaborate with fellow students


Private lessons

Within this program it is possible to organize 1 on 1 lessons with our teachers. It is then possible with an individual plan to bring the student's skill level to the desired level within a shorter period of time.



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